Saturday, June 1, 2013

Field Trip Friday!

I love field trips. Okay, to be honest I loved them a lot more when I was a kid and just got to go on them, because as a teacher they can be a pain to plan. However, I must say that yesterday's trip to Pittsburgh was amazing. I'm still exhausted (we had a kiddo get sick and had to be picked up, we were 2.5 hours from home..stressful!) so instead of writing a lengthy post, I shall provide images instead! Enjoy :)
Coming into Pittsburgh - we missed a turn but got to see some amazing views!
We are here! Our buses were parked and we were ready to unload, a little chaos but we figured it out. We will be much better prepared next time.
We thought each student needed a pass, not true (such a blessing!), we just had to make sure our chaperones were labeled. 

A little bus moment, we were fortunate to take Fullington buses, the kids were awesome on the way down. A little more chatty on the way back, but we watched 3 movies with them (Aladdin, Toy Story 3, and A Night At the Museum)
Ah! T-rex!
There were so many amazing displays, I especially enjoyed the dinosaurs (even if they did scare me a little) 
Sometimes the museum has special groups doing exhibits, this was a botanical group that was in when we visited earlier this year, they weren't there and it looked very empty when we went yesterday.

The Hall of Sculptures on the first floor - it has statues from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. As well as some other eras. Beautiful work, and a perfect fit for our social studies units.

The ceiling in the Hall of Sculptures was probably one of my favorites, it was glass tiles with the Cherokee alphabet on them. Gorgeous.

The first floor has an amazing section for geology. This geode is called The Fortress of Solitude - yes!! A Superman reference :) Amazing!'s a real tarantula...yuck!

The third floor contained an Ancient Egypt wing - since we studied that in social studies we had the docents give our kids the guided tour in that area. Wonderful information!

Gorgeous Pittsburgh (okay this was from the first visit, the trees all had leaves when we went yesterday)

The Museum.
Overall it was a wonderful trip. I'm so glad that we were able to connect some of our social studies lessons into this museum. If you haven't been I highly suggest a visit.

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