Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Field Day Fun!

Today I did a few important things on my checklist at school. I passed out their Pittsburgh field trip shirts:
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I also have two major events happening in the next week: field day and banana split party! We signed up for the banana split party first. I ask the kids to all donate an item to the party and I provide the ice cream. In past years I would buy gallons of ice cream and scoop it out, then my partner teacher and I had a brilliant idea...Dixie Cups! We just pop those guys out into a bowl and the kids add the toppings. So much easier and less mess all around. I send home this reminder for both the kids and their parents:

They are really excited, and just wait until you see some of their creations! The other activity that got them pumped for the end of the year was our Field Day Team Reveal. Our team always does a field day at the end of the year, a little fun competition for the kids. We try to mix up students from all homerooms so that they get a chance to hangout one last time, and we also mix them up based on athletic interest/ability so that we don't have one powerhouse team. 

The kids are grouped into teams and given a color, on Field Day they are to wear their team color and are encouraged to have a good time and to be good sports. Here is our example schedule, you can see we start nice and early and break at lunch time. Beats the heat most years, and we are planning to give them Ritas Ice for a special treat at the end of their activities this time.

I am just as excited as the kids, I LOVE running the 4-square station. And yes, I do have a way to keep track of points :) How do you spend the remaining days of the school year? Do you do anything like field day? I'd love to hear your ideas! I hope that you find time to appreciate how far your students have come, even a small reward is something for them to remember.

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