Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading in 6th - part 3

Reading 'Speed Dating' Books - choices for my students
It finally feels like summer around here and for me that means trying to help my students make some summer reading plans. Tomorrow we will be kicking off one of my favorite activities (I actually did a version of this during my practicum for my masters degree). Reading 'Speed Dating.'

My students are prone to judging books by their cover, and truthfully so am I. This is my way of making them actually read the book to make sure they like it, or not, before falling into their preconceived assumptions. Here's how I run the 'dates' in my 42 minute reading class period:

  • Students sit down at a book and have a copy of their note taking form with them (usually just a copy of a table with two columns, one for book title/author, and one for notes)
  • I set my online timer (I like because you get some great timers that count both up and down) and give them 2 minutes with the book - to really get to know it!
  • When the timer goes off students have 1 minute to write some notes about the book, what they like, don't like, etc.
  • They move when their minute is up and start again!
I have 18 students in my reading class period tomorrow so I pulled 18 books that I feel most of them would appreciate, and books that I am pretty sure they haven't read before. I have a classroom collection that I choose from but my school library also has some amazing titles that I would borrow if I needed a wider range.

As a follow-up the next day during reading we will be discussing which titles jumped out of them and the titles that they want to add to a summer reading list that they will be creating. I can't wait to hear what some of my readers have to say.

I hope that you find some time to read something that you enjoy today, and don't forget to be the anchor and truth that your students need.

My munchkin wearing my Dr. Seuss Day hat :)


  1. um. i would love this. can i come join your kiddos?