Monday, June 24, 2013

Color Me Rad!

Alright, to start off this isn't a post about teaching. Unless you consider the fact that I ran the 5k with two of this year's interns (we call them interns, not student teachers, since they spend the entire year in our Penn State PDS if you want more info).

Part of my way of dealing with the daily stress that comes with teaching (if anyone told you teaching is easy they lied) is to work out. Last year that meant weights, cardio, etc. at a bootcamp. Then I ran a 5k last July...and didn't run since unless it was at bootcamp! With the nice weather rolling in I felt inspired to start running again. Perfect timing since I just found out about a run called Color Me Rad. I registered for the Philadelphia run on Father's Day weekend and started to run. Okay, that sounds better than it was. I ran like once a week.

Anyway, my gym recently started their group training for the Arts Fest 5k so I jumped in on that and had to run, perfect timing! The girls and I met up in Philly for the run and it was amazing! My family was incredible, both those who woke up at 4am (eek!) and drove me down there from Shippensburg, and those who cheered me on in spirit and in text messages. We ran almost the entire thing without stopping (it was an easy pace, TONS of people) and had so much fun.

At the end of the run you get in a big group and everyone throws 'color bombs' up in the air. It was pitch black and unbelievably claustrophobic and the end result makes it look like a muppet threw up on you...which is kind of fun...and a good laugh! My DD wouldn't even touch me at first because I was so dirty.

However you are spending your summer, teaching summer school, taking computer classes, relaxing by the pool...I hope that you find some me time, a healthy habit that you can carry with you into the coming school year. Mine will be fair weather running (hey I'm a newbie okay!) and my gym workouts. What will you do?
Give a kid a pair of sunglasses and she'll give you a big hug :) Love this one! 
Reason to buy new running shoes? Nope, they washed out fine!

What started out as a white shirt...

My girls, DD on the left, me, Katherine, Madeline, Jackie (um...I'm short!)

Temporary tattoo - would you believe some people had this on their forehead? Mine took 4 days to fully come off!

Did I mention it was Father's Day? Two of my best guys right here, hubs and dad :)

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