Thursday, June 13, 2013

End of the Year

Last day of school fun
It's been a bit since I've posted last. A lot has been happening at school and I'll post about some of our activities in more detail soon. I do, however, want to take some time to reflect on the adults that I work with at my school. They are outstanding people.

On our last inservice day of the year my building always holds a potluck luncheon. Everyone comes, it is the one time during the year that I see everyone in one place. We eat, laugh, reminisce  and say goodbye to many people.

This year was especially difficult because our team intern was a spectacular young lady who inspired us all. She'll be moving to northern Virginia to teach 5th grade in Prince William County. I pray that the teachers there welcome her with open arms and that she thrives (though I have very little doubt about the later!).

We also are losing two wonderful people from our building, one due to retirement and one due to a move. Our 8th grade science teacher is moving to Texas, there were stories, laughter, and even a song played on guitar. The tears were flowing. She will be missed tremendously.

The other, and most important person in the building  is our head custodian. I realize that some of you may not have a relationship at all with the custodians in your building, I would challenge you to get to know them. Our head custodian was working at the building before I came so next year without him will be very strange. He'd come down the 6th grade hall every Monday morning in the fall and talk football (he is a Steelers fan like me) and pick on our resident Cowboys fan. He'd whistle cheery tunes as he walked the halls, he'd say hello to all of the students, help them with lockers, help us with anything, write notes on his hands to get done later, and he loved his work. With his retirement we shared memories and laughs. And then the most profound message of the day happened when he spoke, I regret not recording it on my phone. This is the general idea:

Yesterday when I watched the students leave I thought to myself, there goes another year. Then I watched all of you who were out waving goodbye to the kids come back in, together. Individually you do great things, but together you are like a puzzle. Each piece works together to create something wonderful

What a message, and there was more but it's a bit fuzzy as I began to cry at about that point. It was an emotional day overall, and in addition to that we lost a few paraprofessionals due to budget cuts. Unfortunately they found out on the last day of school, or yesterday before inservice. Times are tough but losing members of our faculty/staff feels unfair.

I hope that you are already enjoying your summer, or just about ready to. If you haven't finished yet remember to cherish the last memories with your kids. Those of us who teach lower grades in the building will see our kids next year and the year after as they grow and mature. For those of you who teach the final year in your building - do something special, make it amazing!

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