Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet My Class

What a first week! There were highs, there were lows, there were laughs, and a few tears, but we survived! The first week is generally the only week that I consistently assign morning work for my students to do. Once we get into our routine they like the extra time to get organized or go to the library instead of worrying with work to do. The first week it gives them something to do that is easy but keeps them from wandering. All of our morning work this week was meant so that my intern and I could get to know the students better. One of them is an All About Me questionnaire.

I always struggle with how to deal with the papers. They spend time wanting to share so I feel obligated to do something meaningful. Sometimes it is a nice message back about something they said that I connected to. Other times, like their Gazette pages, I'll put them together into a book so that they can read about each other during their free time. For the All About Me questions I decided to showcase our class as a whole. I looked at their responses and put them into a word cloud that I'll hang above their lockers. I chose to use abcya ( for this activity.

So, without further my class!
Our favorite animals

Our favorite books

Our favorite candy

Our favorite food (apparently I need to feed them tacos!)

Our favorite hobbies

Our favorite season...yep, they LOVE summer!

Our favorite sports teams...(trying to ignore the OSU response, sorry, PSU fan here!)

Our favorite stores

Our favorite subjects

Our favorite school supply
I hope you enjoyed meeting my class! I already learned so much about them. And to end the week we played a great game. If you are trying to find activities for middle school kids that don't take long this is a good one. It's called Aka Baka. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. Relax and enjoy..and read a good book.

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