Thursday, July 25, 2013

Setting Up - Something Different Every Year

Hello lovelies! Where I live we are experiencing some amazing weather, it is 52 degrees here this late July. I could not be happier. Okay I probably could if there was football on :) I hope that this finds you well and eagerly looking towards the coming school year.
Yea football season!
I've been thinking a lot about my classroom set up for this year. I tend to have a difficult time sticking with one arrangement. I like change and I think it provides some excitement for the students too. One teacher I work with would have her students create a floor design that they wanted to see. The class would vote and the winning submission would be the classroom set up for the month. It worked so well for her! I tend to be a little more type-A with  my classroom arrangements because I need to know that all of the students can see the board, I can see them, and everyone is on task (as much as they are able to be).

This year I am starting with 25 students, that number is flexible at this point and will probably go up a little. I currently have hexagon tables in my classroom. They come apart in half but at the beginning of the year I keep them together to help build community. Fortunately I have 5 of those tables so I truly have enough seating for 30 students (God help me if my homeroom gets that big!). This is also good because I teach the advanced math class and that can range from 28-34 students.

Another consideration this year is my intern. He'll be needing his own teacher desk so I am considering the best place to accommodate his needs (computer plug, etc) as well as making him feel independent but keeping him close enough that we can chat as needed. Here is what I'm thinking so far:

I'll post pictures once I get into the room and really arrange furniture so stay tuned! When thinking about your classroom don't forget to think about the space they will need to move around (6th graders tend to need more space than 1st graders), what they can see from their seat (keep that easily distracted child away from windows!), and how you can best interact and monitor them. Pinterest has some great pins for teachers using standard desks. I am looking forward to updating you on this! Happy planning everyone, and don't forget to take some time to enjoy your break! We still have a few weeks to go :)

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