Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frugal Teaching

Hi everyone! I hope that you are relaxing and have gotten a 'brain break' from the classroom. Sometimes we just need to unwind. I personally have been on a break and loving it. I didn't blog (sorry about that), think about the new year, think about my new students, think about my classroom...for a month! That's very unusual for me but I felt that I needed to really recharge after this last year. If you felt the same I hope that you were able to wind down.

Now that I'm back and eagerly anticipating the new school year I have been looking at my bills and going...ack! Where did all of that come from! I admit, like most of you I spend personal money on my students. Sometimes there just isn't enough in the classroom budget (or any at all) to go around, and by May and June it seems that the money is just gone.

My goal this year is to do things as frugally as possible, but in a nice way. Trust me, I've been on the receiving end of frugal gifts from people that look, well, cheap. I am trying to plan my classroom to utilize what already exists and incorporate a few homemade touches to keep it going.

A few ways that I have already considered:

1. I wanted white bulletin board borders (weird to say that aloud!) but didn't want to spend the money on white. I do however have a lovely collection of...well...less desirable patterns. I honestly have no idea what they were thinking when they designed them with creepy little cartoon kids on them. Anyway! Guess what color they are on the other side...I know, brilliant right? They are white! Saving money there.

2. I'm making a tree bulletin board inspired by this pin from createteachandshare.com
I ordered an inexpensive tree from amazon.com that can be adjusted to different sizes:
I made the LEARN letters on my own with construction paper, ribbon I had on hand, and printed out letters. I'm excited for the final product. You should check out her site, lots of great ideas!

3. I have an owl theme going (I love owls, but only the cute ones) and I found this wonderful site with inexpensive templates that you can download. Schoolgirlstyle.com has many themes, the prices range from $3.00 to more expensive full kits. Look around, it's certainly worth it!

Those are just a few ideas to get started. I'll be back with more updates soon (like my tardis door and other exciting events). Be well, take care of yourself, and take some time to read a good book!

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