Monday, July 13, 2015

Family Movie Nights

Awhile ago my husband and I realized that a lot of our 'tv' time was being used as a way to get our oldest to have some quiet time, and especially once we had our newest addition, it happened more than we wanted.

Being a fan of Pinterest (yep, some of you actually came here from there I bet), I was intrigued by the idea of movie nights. So, I set out a schedule where every Saturday evening for one month we would have a dedicated dinner and a movie together. The movies were, of course, kid friendly, and the food was too. I wanted this time to be something that we could all enjoy, but most importantly I wanted this time to be a moment of memory making for my daughter.

In the next few blog posts I'll be highlighting those movie nights. Trust me, we are a normal family, more often than not the expectations were not met, it wasn't always a peaceful happy dinner and the movie didn't always get finished, but we had fun and we were in it together.

A few things that I did to get started:

  • Pick the movies - Cars, Mulan, Princess and the Frog, Toy Story, and Cinderella to start
  • Find the food - seriously, don't reinvent the wheel, just look at Pinterest, there are a lot of great food ideas, I'll share mine for each move too!
  • Decorations - I like to decorate, but who has time, I usually just went to Amazon to pick up the 'table top' decorations, my kiddo loved them and now I have a stock of decorations for any theme I want to do
  • Expectations - let them go! Just do this for fun, not for a perfect evening. They are kids, the movie is after dinner, it's the weekend, just enjoy it!

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