Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why visit (in)courage?

Most days I get so excited about the successes at school. I love sharing with anyone who will listen about how I was able to do something awesome that day with my class. Other days, it's not so easy. Teaching is challenging, you have students, parents, administrators (who rock at my school!), coworkers, curriculum, standards, and everyone else jumping in to say what needs to happen.

A few years ago I was looking for some working mom encouragement. Balancing everything is hard and sometimes you feel like no matter what you do, someone is being neglected. My sister started telling me about (in)courage.  A group of women who support each other via social media. She was a part of it for a long time before I jumped in. I was hesitant, I'll admit. How was I going to have time to discuss with a group online if I was already stressed in 'real' life? Once I joined the working mom's group I realized that this was just the boost I needed. I could check in on the Facebook group as frequently or infrequently as I wanted. I could read stories from women like me seeking advice, sharing humorous stories, or offering something that worked for them. I felt more grounded. I knew this was a good place to be.

God opened a huge door last year by allowing me to team up with the amazing Amy to co-lead our new group. We started a group for teachers ( because we have a heart to encourage those like us! Our conversations on the page aren't always the deepest but we support each other. I know some wonderful teachers all around the country now and am inspired by what they do in their classrooms/lives every day.

This session Amy and I are looking forward to a pretty cool structure. That way, if you can only pop in every now and then like I did in my first group, you should still be able to come away with some encouragement. The game plan right now is: Monday praise/prayer requests, Wednesday sharing (maybe a Pinterest board will be shared, who knows!), Friday fun (blog posts, articles, silly stuff, etc). Our Facebook group is closed so anything that is shared remains private, that way our teachers have a safe place to ask for advice, connect, and renew.

Interested in joining? Check out to learn more about the group of awesome women (my sister Crystal Stine is a major part of the group now!). Then move over to the Community Groups page to see what groups might jump out at you. I won't be offended if you choose another group, I'm just happy you found someplace to call home. Registration opens to the public on Monday January 27th. Groups fill up quickly so jump in if you want to give it a shot. I pray that you'll find a group that encourages you in the way you need it most right now in this season of your life. Happy Sunday!


  1. Thank you Diane :)

  2. I love your structure! We are planning on something similar as well. From one teacher to another...thanks for this!